“Music is not man’s invention, but his heritage from the blessed spirits.” – Tomas Luis de Victoria

Portrait of composer Isaac Albeniz with pipe sitting at piano

Isaac Albéniz

IsaacAlbéniz, a composer from Camprodón in Catalonia, was considered a child prodigy. During his life he traveled across the world to play concerts and worked for several musical theatre companies. He is best known for his collection Iberia, a suite of twelve “impressions” for piano.

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Portrait of composer Manuel de Falla seated in front of books

Manuel de Falla

Growing up in Cádiz had a significant musical impact on Manuel de Falla. He was fascinated by the cante jondo of flamenco and inspired by the guitar. He established himself as a symphonist who promoted Spanish nationalism with his composition Noches en Los Jardines de España.

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Portrait of composer Enrique Granados seated in armchair

Enrique Granados

Enrique Granados composed for many instruments, but is considered the “poet of the piano.” He was one of the few Spanish composers concerned with creating a school for the next generation of pianists. He is famous for his expressive method of pedalling, as demonstrated in his suite entitled Goyescas.

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Composer Antonio Soler at desk with quill and composition

Padre Antonio Soler

Antonio Soler Ramos, born in Olot, Catalonia,began studying music at the Escolanía de Montserrat when he was six years old. He became known as Padre Antonio Soler when he officially joined the church. He is remembered for his sonatas, organ compositions, and daring ideas on musical theory.

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